We are a System Integration and Consultancy Information Company that provides the full range of IT services, from strategy and planning to systems development, implementation, integration and deployment. We focus on providing our clients with the right choice and combination of solutions from our service offerings portfolio.

Our company was established with the goal of providing the best IT services and the approach of transferring the experience and technical expertise provided in our sister company.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the leading and trusted IT Consulting company and Home/Business Solution provider in Iran with world-standard IT solution methodologies and capabilities.

Our Values

  • We practice respect, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, competitors and employees.
  • We keep in mind that delivering services to customers is superior to anything else.
  • We maintain information confidentiality of customers, employees and the organizations.
  • We try our best to provide the highest quality products and services.
  • We do not harm the environment with our products or services.
  • We work hard and pursue continuous self-improvement.

Our Culture What our world is like?

We spend a remarkable portion of our lives here at IT Icon. All we’ve been trying to achieve since the rather short time the company was born, is a fun, friendly and delightful environment; a vivid world full of colors.

In our culture positions don’t count. Here our subject matter are people and our goal is to make the way they communicate as humane, collaborative and inspiring as possible.

Here, at IT Icon we care for each other, have fun together and try our best from the depth of our hearts and by the power of our brains to make our and your world a better place to live. Already tempted to join and help us?


Non-stop learning is part of every IT Iconian’s life here. We are always thirsty for new and exciting things and we share our discoveries with each other and of course others! Ever visited our blog?

Our Philosophy and Approach Architected Business-Driven IT solutions

We are firm believers of business-oriented IT-solutions. We believe that IT-systems should be fully intact with and driven by the business, not vice versa as it has been traditionally been the case.

This is done by using a holistic and traceable transition roadmap from methodically investigating and modeling the business in focus, to an integrated, highly advanced IT-implementation environment that is reflective of the business, thus providing optimized business agility and time to value to our clients.

We leverage a robust “Enterprise Architecture” (EA) framework, which is composed of the following core components:

  • Management Component:
    • Programme Management
    • Project Management
    • Development
    • Delivery Management
  • Support Component:
    • Governance
    • Assets
    • Methodology and Process
    • Tools
  • People & Organization Component:
    • Organizational Change
    • Training and Mentoring

Our holistic approach enables our clients to focus on their business goals, with the confidence that achieving it will be enabled, rather than impeded, by IT and IT-technology.

We believe that the era when IT was considered a cost center should be considered a thing of the past. In fact, we see IT even beyond being an “enabler” to the business. IT can serve as a guide and “path finder” that empowers innovation of business models. Innovation with IT and IT strategy can therefore have key influence on defining business strategy.

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