Our Core Capability Pillars Our differentiators in achieving Delivery Excellence

To achieve delivery excellence when offering our Solution & Services, we rely on the following 3 components:

1. Delivery Excellence Environment The EA CoE - Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence

We have dedicated significant effort to create a Center of Excellence, which encompasses powerful Enterprise Architecture framework, Business-Driven Development methodology (BDD), Key reusable Assets, Training, Tools, Best Practices, Procedures and Governance.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not insist that we keep the knowledge required for successful task execution to ourselves. Instead, we aim at transferring our knowledge and experience of global best practices to our clients, during an engagement.

We enable our clients to achieve IT operational excellence, when a tailor-made COE can either be made accessible, or replicated into a client’s own environment, for the client’s own current or future own IT-projects and development efforts.

2. Delivery Excellence-People Partnering for Right-sourcing

We aim to enable our clients in leveraging the staffing skills and profiles that are most suited to a given client engagement or initiative. We realize that the nature of various initiatives at our clients may be very diverse; from Package-Based (COTS) development to Custom Development, from Performance Management to Supply Change Management, or from Banking to Telecommunications Industry solutions.

In order to be able to both provide a wider range of options to our clients, and accelerate obtaining the needed technical support, knowledge, and experience, we leverage partnerships with companies with solid experience and products and services that are beneficial to our clients’ objectives. These partners may well be geographically dispersed, but nonetheless made accessible to our clients.

The process of selecting the best source of skills and staffing for a given client is far from an arbitrary one. Any given partner will be rigorously tested on delivery capability, methodology, and suitability of the staff it provides, before getting selected.

3. Innovation Innovation CoE (ICoE)

We have developed an innovative concept called the “Innovation Center of Excellence (ICoE)” to help clients gain real value from innovative utilization of IT.

The ICoE will assess the relevance of emerging technologies to clients’ current and future needs such as Big Data, Social Analytics, Cloud Computing, etc., and how to channel such innovative areas so that they can be best leveraged.

The ICoE will support emerging client business initiatives by identifying and investigating emerging and promising ideas and technologies, developing proofs of concept, and facilitating their smooth migration to the business lines for implementation in near- and long-term projects.

Clients’ leadership will prioritize the opportunities and charge the ICoE with specific tasks and missions.

Several activities are central to the ICoE model:

  • Understanding trends and directions for technology and business
  • Analyzing technology for new business initiatives
  • Evaluating options and creating proof of concept projects driven by business goals
  • Supporting a disciplined process for the adoption of new technology.

Our Engagement Models How we deliver our Solution & Service offerings

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We provide Training and Knowledge Transfer for our clients expertise in one or several of the various components in our Enterprise Architecture Enabling Solutions. We also rely on our business partners to deliver training courses and workshops in specifically requested areas or subjects.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not insist that we keep the knowledge required for successful task execution to ourselves, and only provide our clients with a final solution.

Instead, we aim at transferring our knowledge and experience of global best practices, and replicating them into our client environment.

By conducting training, on-site mentoring, and skills transfer throughout engagement life cycles, we provide our clients with knowledge of our methods and technologies, and encourage them to take a more active role in the engagements.

Some of the areas, in which we provide knowledge transfer to our clients, by ourselves or by our business partners, are:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Methodology and Business-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SoA)
  • SDLC and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Programme Management, Project Management, and Project Management Office (PMO)
  • SW tools and Applications

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our Consulting Services offer our clients expertise in one or several of the various components in our Enterprise Architecture Enabling Solutions, from strategy and planning to systems development, implementation, integration and operation.

In short, we bring together the right technologies, proven techniques and methods, innovative ideas and the skilled project managers to help our clients achieve breakthrough results.


With our “Outsourced Solutions” service offering, we partner with our clients towards achieving their business objectives and goals.

This is done by using a holistic and traceable transition roadmap from well-identified and modeled business solutions to an integrated, business-driven IT-implementation environment for enterprises requiring a rapid cycle, fixed cost and fixed time solutions in specific business areas and technologies.

We leverage our capabilities, skills, tools and assets in Enterprise Architecture and all its enabling components, and in Solution Architecture, which encompasses all activities involved from Vision and Strategy to Deployment and Operations, to ensure successful delivery of a complete end-to-end Business Solution.

While many other solutions providers may use similar concepts, we believe that there are several factors, which differentiate our Outsourced Solutions:

  • Comprehensive methodology focused on business value
  • Dedicated development center and team-based organizational model
  • Access to top project assets, best practices, specialized
  • Resources and expertise with breadth and depth of industry best practices and capabilities
  • Focus on reuse, by incorporating into our knowledge the lessons learned, software, models, frameworks, or other work products
  • Emphasis on long-term client relationships
  • Dedicated focus in both solution areas and technology
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