Enterprise architecture is defined as “the organizing logic for business processes and infrastructure, reflecting the integration and standardization requirements of the company’s operating model [Jeanne Ross in “Enterprise Architecture As Strategy”]. It can help business in architecting the enterprise for alignment, agility & assurance by creating an inherent design and management approach essential for organizational coherence.

Our Enterprise Architecture Enablement offering helps our clients define the vision, and adopt and implement for Enterprise Architecture including Business Architecture, IT Architecture, Enterprise IT Governance, and Software tools and applications. Our approach aligns information technology with business goals, drives technology strategy and ensures adherence to IT standards and principles, to help our clients achieve an Architecture, which is Agile, Scalable, and reliable.

Enterprise Architecture Enabling Solutions – Enabling Components

We provide enterprises with a holistic and general approach to Enterprise Architecture, to help our clients achieve their business and IT objectives.

Our “EA Enabling Components” offering aims at enabling individual components of Enterprise Architecture, in cases where our clients already have a solid foundation in the other areas, or when they wish to strengthen their position in one or several areas, before addressing other areas. Such areas can be:

IT Strategy Partnership For a Total Solution

Making investments in information technology is a difficult choice, which once made, lays the foundation for future large investments. It is crucial that this foundation is made based on thorough decision criteria and heuristics.

When our clients are faced with the challenge of choosing an IT-strategy, we provide them with reliable and product-neutral expertise, and help them find the most suitable IT strategy, which is qualified and justified to match their current and future needs.

Leveraging our Innovation Center of Excellence (ICoE), we also assess the relevance of emerging technologies to our clients’ current and future needs such as Big Data, Social Analytics, Cloud Computing, etc., and channel such innovative areas so that they can be best leveraged by our clients.

IT Governance

IT Governance is an organisational approach that allows decisions to be made across boundaries, by setting terms and conditions for engagement between parties and methods for resolution of conflicts.

We help our client implement and deploy complete, end-to-end IT lifecycle process guidance and tool support to

  • Implement IT standards and governance that enable greater technology efficiencies
  • Elevate service quality standards and reduce operational risk through more disciplined documentation and communication practices
  • Formalize the pursuit of operational excellence through proven IT service practices
  • Address learning and knowledge opportunities to support the maturity evolution of the IT team
  • Address the gaps between Business Requirements and Objectives with IT support

Programme and Project management and PMO

Project Management Office (PMO) facilitates coordination and communication across multiple work streams and functional areas, enabling well-informed decision-making and the management of interdependencies, risks and issues through a focused and enterprise view, and hence provides the structure and support necessary to achieve project success through a team of dedicated, qualified, and supported resources.

A Program Management Office is beneficial wherever a corporation has a project or set of interrelated projects to execute with some or all of the following attributes:

  • Activities cross departmental or divisional boundaries
  • Complex in nature
  • Involves multiple geographies
  • Requires coordination between several teams and/or 3rd parties
  • Requires coordination across various management staff or teams
  • Long-term characteristics with a need for documenting and monitoring status and activities

We assist our clients in implementing PMO, as well as managing ongoing projects. This will implicitly involve key areas such as Risk Management and Quality Management, and Organizational Change.

Methodology & Process BPM-SoA and Business-Driven Development (BDD)

Service Oriented Architecture has become the dominant framework for enterprise architecture, providing a platform for Business Process Management – the modelling, execution, and measurement of business processes. As business processes lie at the heart of every organization, SoA and BPM promise to provide the missing links between business and IT (or process and technology).

We are strong proponents of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SoA). We help clients apply the discipline; and where needed, also SW Tools, that are especially designed and tailored to adhere to the end-to-end process and discipline, ranging from Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and Business Modelling, Requirements Management, System Analysis & Design, to Change & Configuration Management, Testing, etc.

The foundation for the Methodology proposed here is a combination of BPM with standard Solution Development Lifecycle Development (SDLC) methodologies such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

We deploy a pragmatic methodology that is most suited for a client environment, to achieve the right results. This means that other industry-standard methods and frameworks that are adherent to the BPM and SoA principles such as “Agile” or TOGAF may be also be used. A proposed approach is customized to the client agenda, needs and priorities.

We have a skilled and trained team, equipped with methodology excellence, tools and assets, giving them competitive edge and means, to work with our clients.

SW Tools & Applications

Various SW Tools and applications exist, to support Enterprise Architecture and its components, as well as to support IT initiatives and projects. The areas where these tools are used can vary, from Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and SDLC, tools supporting Business Intelligence, Big Data, Asset Management, applications for ERP solutions, etc.

We help our clients in selecting, deploying and governing, and getting the most out of such SW tools and applications.

Software Development

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