To learn how to build a departmental business plan, the financial forms used for analysis and applying the knowledge to achieve business goals.

Intended for

Practitioners in the insurance & reinsurance industry with 2-3 years experience in their department who are required to contribute with their department managers to building the departmental business plan.


Tutor input, individual and group exercises.

Course Content

  • Day 1 - The Business Plan

    • What is a Business Plan?
    • Types of Business Plan.
    • Benefits / Reasons for having Business Plan.
    • What should a Business Plan contain?
    • Areas to focus on and areas to avoid.
    • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • Day 2 - Financial Aspects

    • What are Financial Statements?
    • Identifying the Statistical Measures for the company and market analysis.
    • Statements Used for Projections.
    • Identifying the Ratios Analysis.
    • How to Prepare the Analysis Reports
  • Day 3 - Workshop

    • Practical application of new skills.
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