This course provides a thorough understanding of the types of reinsurance treaties and their main clauses and exclusions.

Intended for

For all Reinsurance personnel and other insurance staff who wish to broaden their knowledge.


PowerPoint Text, Case studies, group work.

Course Content

  • Day 1

    • Main types of reinsurance treaties.
    • Types of proportional treaties.
    • Types of non-proportional treaties.
    • Advantages & disadvantages of proportional and non-proportional treaties.
    • Clauses & exclusions of proportional treaties.
  • Day 2

    • Clauses & exclusions of non-proportional treaties.
    • Statistics needed for proportional treaties.
    • Statistics needed for non-proportional treaties.
    • Practical example of proportional treaty.
    • Practical example of non-proportional treaty.
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