This course provides a comprehensive introduction to practical enterprise risk management (ERM) and ISO 31000, the global risk management standard.

Intended for

  • Auditors, insurance managers, brokers, safety practitioners, project managers, accountants, solicitors and consultants.
  • Business leaders, executives and department heads with little or no previous Risk Management training who want a better understanding of risk management and the role it should play in their organizations or are responsible for managing risk or embedding systems of corporate governance.
  • Anyone wishing to enter the profession.


Tutor input, small group work and case studies.

Course Content

  • Day 1

    • Approaches to defining risk
    • Impact of risk on organizations
    • Types of risks
    • Development of risk management
    • aims of risk management
    • The Risk Management Process
    • Defining the upside of risk
    • Risk management documentation
  • Day 2

    • Risk management responsibilities
    • Risk aware culture
    • Risk assessment considerations
    • Risk classification systems
    • Risk likelihood and impact
    • Loss control
    • Operational risk management
    • Risk control techniques
    • Control of selected hazard risks
  • Day 3

    • Risk Register Workshop
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