Understanding of how effective Risk Workshops can help to build greater insight into risks and their materiality, gaining better appreciation of the control environment in place and the valuable channels of communication that will open.

Intended for

Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Assistant Risk Managers, Risk Analysts and all those involved in the risk management function within their organization. Relevant also to all types of commercial and non-profit organizations, Government departments and public entities.


Tutor input, individual and group exercises, discussions and rehearsals.

Course Content

Practical advice and rehearsals for risk identification and analysis Workshops, run by in-house risk management teams, discussing also how workshops assist in the developing maturity of the risk management process and how the added value created forms a vital backdrop to the contribution risk management makes to business success.

  • Setting risk workshops in the context of the organization's strategy and risk policy
  • Understanding the Risk Workshop's "Lifecycle"
  • Communicating the practical value to stakeholders
  • Setting the agenda for the workshops
  • Pre-workshop documentation
  • Establishing an effective dialog in the workshops
  • Capturing the risk information, risk categorization and ranking
  • Stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Effective follow us and action planning
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