This intensive change management workshop is designed for the project team members to help them successfully assess, analyze, plan, design, develop & execute change management strategy and plan effectively in their organizations. It is hands on where participants learn the concepts, theory, methodology & tools to implement change successfully. It covers the concepts, Best practices study, Psychology of Change, the ADKAR© model and the three phases of the Change Management Process.

In today’s business environment where change is constant, technology is cheap and finding skilled talent is hard, managing change and change competency organizations are the key differentiator between those businesses that succeed and those that fail. The key is not that organizations must continually change, but how fast can you change plays a vital role in moving an organization forward, bypassing the competition. With rapid change in technology, communications and information organization must examine the fundamentals of their organizations. To survive and succeed organization must continuously adopt and smoothly & quickly accept changes and endorse it. Therefore to have competitive supremacy, increasing profits and maximum control over company's destiny it is essential to innovate, learn quickly and respond rapidly to external elements. This must be done by managing change within the organization. By being aware of the environment and trends outside the organization and working with those within the organization who are keen to make change a strategic approach to excel and become more efficient and productive.

Program Overview

This intensive change management workshop is designed for the project team members to help them successfully assess, analyze, plan, design, develop & execute change management strategy and plan effectively in their organizations. It is hands on where participants learn the concepts, theory, methodology & tools to implement change successfully. It covers the concepts, Best practices study, Psychology of Change, the ADKAR© model and the three phases of the Change Management Process:

Program Overview

The program is interactive and activity intensive providing learning opportunities to participants by having a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, group exercise and other activities. It has an excellent balance between theory, methods and practical tool.

The teaching method follows the principle of "Apply as you learn" that the best way to learn is to use it. Participants bring their own change projects to the course to work on it during the workshop by using the tool and template for their projects. Participants are able to start creating their change management plan and strategy during the workshop.

Intended for

  • Change Management Leaders
  • Change management team members
  • Change managers
  • Change agents
  • Continuing Excellence consultant
  • Coordinators of company Reorganization & Merges
  • Implementers of Organizational change or new IT systems
  • Anyone interested to learn how to manage change
  • Business Process Improvements professionals


At the end of the course and after passing the final exam successfully participants are certified in Prosci's Change Management methodology and are able to lead their organizations successfully through incremental and radical changes, building and customizing a change management strategy and change management plans for communications, sponsorship, coaching and training. This is a world recognized certificate.


Why use Prosci's CM Process?

Prosci is the leading provider of change management tools and best practice reports, working with more than 3400 companies from 66 countries during the last 16 years, completed 8 research studies in change management. Prosci's popular ADKAR® model is used worldwide and Prosci's change management tools are provided in both electronic and hard-copy formats.

Prosci's customers include 66% of Fortune 500 companies. More than 20,000 certified in Proscis methodology and more than 70,000 managers and consultants are registered with Prosci’s Change Management Learning Center. More information is at

Customers choose Prosci for their change management approach because the methodology and tools are:

  • Research Based

    Prosci’s change management material utilizes best practices research from more than 2600 end users worldwide.

  • Holistic

    Prosci’s best-of-the-best change model and structured process provide a comprehensive framework for managing change at all levels, from top-level executives to front-line employees

  • Easy-to-use

    Prosci’s tools, templates and checklists are easy to learn and easy to apply.

Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center offer the most comprehensive options for change management training. Prosci’s Change Management training teaches how to manage the human side of change in any business situation that involves any change regardless of the type or magnitude independent of any type of business.

Certification Workshop Agenda

  • Is designed as a proactive process to accelerate change and manage resistance before problems arise.
  • Provides tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy-to-use framework for managing change at all levels.
  • Is based on a knowledge-transfer model that allows you to build your internal change management competency.
  • Day 1 Morning

    • Introduction
    • Why manage change?
    • ROI of change management
    • Best practices review
    • ADKAR overview
  • Day 1 Afternoon

    • Change management principles
    • Change characteristics assessment
    • Org attributes assessment
    • Unique challenges and risks
  • Day 2 Morning

    • Creating a CM strategy
    • Preparing the CM team
    • Developing the sponsorship model
    • Preparing sponsors
  • Day 2 Afternoon

    • ADKAR analysis
    • Communications plan
    • Sponsorship roadmap
    • Presentations
  • Day 3 Morning

    • Coaching plan
    • Resistance management plan
    • Training plan
    • Master plan
  • Day 3 Afternoon

    • Reinforcing change
    • Final exam
    • Graduation
    • End of Program

Workshop includes

Workshop fee includes the following high quality material from the USA:

  • Change Management Toolkit
  • Change Management Pilot life time access to the online resources that include the concepts, tools, online training and all assessments & templates.
  • Change Management Best Practices benchmarking report
  • Employee’s Survival Guide to Change book
  • Change Management: the people side of change (book)
  • Course slides, handouts and give a ways
  • Shipping, handling and customs fees of material
  • Final exam and certificate
  • Professionally printed Color student manuals and material
  • Enjoyable and exciting group exercises and breakouts
  • Hands on workshop to enhance the learning
  • real life example and case studies
  • Interactive and engaging discussion to enrich experience and maximize knowledge
  • Softcopy of all workshop material in flash memory
  • Life time access (software License) to the online resources with a user & Id
  • Membership in the Middle East Change Management online Group at Linkedin
  • World-wide recognized and respected certificate

Course Content

  • Introduction to Change

    • Theories and Perspectives
    • Psychology of Change the 7 Principles of Change
  • Change Management Process

    • Prosci’s 3-phase Process for Managing Change
    • Organizational Change Competency
    • Connecting Change Management to Business
    • Projects and Project Management
    • The ADKAR model
  • Preparing for Change

    • Define Your Change Management Strategy
    • Prepare Your Change Management Team
    • Develop Your Sponsorship Model
  • Managing Change

    • Communication Plan
    • Sponsor Roadmap
    • Coaching Plan
    • Resistance Management Plan
    • Training Plan
    • Master Change Plan
  • Reinforcing Change

    • Collect and Analyze Feedback
    • Diagnose Gaps and Manage Resistance
    • Implement Corrective Action
    • Celebrate Successes


Khaled Al-Mobarak Prosci Certified Instructor

Khaled Al-Mobarak has more than 30 years working experience in both public and private sectors. He started his working experience in Information Technology and in the past 15 years practiced Change Management.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico (USA) in 1984. Khaled became certified in Prosci Change Management methodology & tools in February 2007. In the same year he became the first in the Middle East to receive certification to teach and certify others in Prosci Change Management methodology and tools. The world leading Change Management research & training company based in the USA.

He worked for Saudi Aramco for more than 24 years; he worked on the change management team that successfully implemented the largest IT project in the history of the company, The SAP implementation at Saudi Aramco.

Since then and for more than six years Khaled conducted a large number of Change Management workshops for all levels from CEOs to employees in both public and private sectors in all industries and businesses in the Middle East.

Khaled has given many presentations at local, regional & International Conferences and a member in a number of none-profit societies & associations. Khaled is a change and leadership expert & a motivated speaker.

Khaled held a leading role and was the chairman of Association of Change Management Professional - Middle East & North Africa (ACMP – MENA) conferences in 2010, 201, 2013 & 4102.

He held several technical & managerial positions, currently the President and Founder of Mawj Management Consulting based in Saudi Arabia in the business of Training & Consulting in Change Management.

Khaled has excellent communications, facilitation and presentations skills complemented by a long and rich working experience and lots of real life examples in Change Management.

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